awake, alive, free.

Daniel. an "adult" with serious anxiety. gamer, geek, left handed, hacker, bookworm, Musicphile.

for some reason I still collect magic cards, go to Ren Fairs, and believe in the “Easter Bunny” (its complicated) INFP if you are into that kinda thing. (still not sure I buy it)

demisexual. no really. google it

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Really miss playing games.

Day by day I realize it was me all along.

Running away won’t change who I am.

I’m sorry for blaming you for my own shortcomings.

I’m sorry for holding you back all of that time.

When I said goodbye I told you it would be for the best. For your sake.

I was sickened to discover I was right.


"October is my favorite season."

Like it was yesterday.

I’m sorry for holding you back

I thought we were perfect for one another.

I still think about the pumpkins, about the sandwich, about my partner in crime.

You always have been the well adjusted one. Now it’s time for me to dwell on the mistakes and broken promises.
I thought I could move forward and start anew but you were right. I’ll never stop crying until I make peace with my past. Something I’m still a lifetime away from accomplishing.

There is no starting over. There are just more skeletons to hide.

I hope you are happy. You truly deserve it.

It was supposed to last forever.

yay wildlife.

I have spent the past two days watching a fish play pokemon.

I have found them at last.

One more item off my bucket list.

The best part of who I once was has been lost in your memories of me.

Black Cloud, Vol. 1

Last night I had a dream about you

Same as all the rest

Everything in black and white

Except your summer dress

Red dot on a field of static

Moving down below

You’re smiling for the camera

But I have to let you go

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