awake, alive, free.

Daniel. an "adult" with serious anxiety. gamer, geek, left handed, hacker, bookworm, Musicphile.

for some reason I still collect magic cards, go to Ren Fairs, and believe in the “Easter Bunny” (its complicated) INFP if you are into that kinda thing. (still not sure I buy it)

demisexual. no really. google it

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It was supposed to last forever.

yay wildlife.

I have spent the past two days watching a fish play pokemon.

I have found them at last.

One more item off my bucket list.

The best part of who I once was has been lost in your memories of me.

Black Cloud, Vol. 1

Last night I had a dream about you

Same as all the rest

Everything in black and white

Except your summer dress

Red dot on a field of static

Moving down below

You’re smiling for the camera

But I have to let you go

All progress has a cost.

When my body rejects the idea of moving forward all I can do is dwell on the things I will never again experience.

enough with the fucking dreams. I feel bad enough already. I feel as if i’ve fucked up beyond repair. You win this round subconscious. I’m awake “now” Just like always.

And now. A random cat

it rained ;x

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